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In cog? Neato!
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farva said:
I'm guessing fixie since there's no rear brake.

A few years ago I bought a couple red/blue blinky flasher lights off The ad text said "police use only" but they never questioned me when I ordered them. They're really cool. When I use 'em for commuting, traffic REALLY slows down. Anyway, you oughta have one of those for that bike.



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It's not a fixie, I just don't have a rear brake at the moment. That disc works pretty good though (this is my 1st bike w/disc, so I was easily impressed). I guess a rear brake would be a good idea just in case.

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Kamikaze style, nice.
Watch out with that thing. A guy on my team in college (who happened to live across the hall) got his bike snatched by the police cause it had "POLICE" and "SECURITY" stickers on it. Took him a week or so to get it back, and there were no charges, but a pain nonetheless. And it was pretty obvious from his attire that there was no way this guy was trying to impersonate an officer.

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