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I just got back from riding the CDN GDR on my Pugsley. We rode the new proposed southern CDN GDR route used by the Tour Divide Race this year. I'm under the gun with my GF's relatives in town this weekend and packing for a trip kiteboarding that rolls out Monday so I can't write much yet, but I wanted to share what I had:

- Thread @ Bike Forums Touring Section

- Photos on Flickr

- my blog posts so far blog1 & blog2

As many of you know the Pusgely is a very versatile bike. I know this yet it continues to amaze me when I just set it loose on a mission and ride the heck out of it smiling the whole time.

I'll post more info about the trip when I get settled settled into camp next week.

Keep the fatties rolling!....:thumbsup:

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