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Pugsleys make your bike look gay

Just back from the Surly lair deep in the basements of QBP. I never knew how those sick bikes were dreamt up but would you believe QBP keeps the Surly guys in a deep dark dungeon under the warehouse? They are fed only Camel no filters and cheap Tawainese beer while Bauhaus,Depeche Mode and New Order are piped in at 140 decibles :eek:

Onto the Pug. Killer ride, I thought it would be sluggish on the pavement? Naw! It rolled as good as any fat tire. Aired down a bit it handled snow,ice and mud with ease. I ride a 16" 1x1 and a 16" Karate Monkey but actually felt really good on the 18" test bike (whose the dork that has the 16" I WAS going to try!? :D ) Seriously, I think for the type of rough weather bike the Pug is, I will like the larger frame.

Some folks might think thee Endomorph tire looks wimpy. It worked amazingly well in off camber wet grass, Ice, snow etc. It just works better than you think it would.

My thanks to my pal Grayboy and Nick @ Surlyas well as Paul for letting an old pal try a bike that many are waiting in line for.

If any of you are remotely thinking about this bike, beg or borrow one to ride, hell, just order one from your local bike shop and trust me. Now I have a reason to hope for snow next year in Rapid City, damn those 70 degree December days suck!

And that surlysoul guy is a nerd
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