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One of the great things about a Pugsley is the places you can access. A friend and I rode some terrain that very few have ever visited on the south slope of Sand Mountain in southern Utah yesterday.

Occasionally we'd come across a lone motorcycle track atop a ridge or in a wash, but most of the time we were in completely unmarked territory. This area is full of loose, sandy soil with steep sidehill slopes and the odd cliff that keeps 4 wheelers and motorcycles at bay. There's no way a regular bicycle could ride over this sand uphill like our Pugs did, and if you couldn't carry your vehicle for short distances, you'd also be unable to reach these spots.

At one point we came upon what had been a petrified tree trunk with the shattered chunks of petrified wood still arranged in a perfect 3 foot diameter circle. I'd venture to say we were probably the first humans to lay eyes on it.

I used 9 psi in the back and 7.5 psi in the front for this ride. I think these settings are abot perfect for a ride that's completely on loose soil. I'll use 12 and 10 psi for more varied soil conditions, and I think I'm going to try 6 and 5 psi when I finally get to ride in the snow.


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