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Hey Everyone

Going to Puerto Rico for 10 days in the last week of January. I am going there to investigate jobs and relax since I will be losing my current one here in Colorado as a result of cutbacks starting Dec 31st. Anyone know of some nice places to ride and rent/buy a bike? I am planning to rent a car and just cruise around and explore the first five days so my schedule is flexible.

I would love to meet up with a local from the forum and do some riding somewhere. As well, the invite is always extended back to come ride here in CO with someone who knows a lot of good spots.


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Great riding

The riding and the riders there are great. Dirt Devil is a great personality that you must meet and there are many others. I lived there and rode and raced for a year. Despite my horrible Spanish, I've never been treated better. January is some great riding weather, although finding riding partners may be a bit difficult. Posting on that board or heading to a bike shop are the best bets. I am assuming that your Spanish is good.

Here are some other websites: (has most shops listed)

Depending upon where you are going on the island, some great places to ride are (in no order). Note that most of the riding there is in smaller little parks with shorter loops on "race courses."

West Side:
Boqueron - two weekly rides there (contact the Wheel Shop in Cabo Rojo or Dr. Jim Rivera a local ride leader)
Rincon - great if you'd also like to do some surfing (contact ciclimundo in Mayaguez)
Guanica - you'll be all alone there unless Eric is riding
Arecibo - the place is called Cambalache, you need to call a local shop

East Side:
Salinas - it is always dry at the Albergue Olimpico, there is some down hill here too
Bayamon - Monagas is the pick of the litter with some nice harder trails, tends to be wet this time of year (to find it you need to look up the Horse Park)

PM me for any more information. Depending upon your riding style and level, and where you will be, I could put you in touch with some of the right people.

No matter what, you'll have a great time. A couple of tips - use Stan's in your tires as tubes won't last 10 minutes, carry tools and water as you many not see anyone this time of year.

John (formerly el ****** de Boqueron y JJC)
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