What is it

PUB Wheels are the newest offering from The House (also known for Framed Bikes). PUB offers high-end, budget friendly wheels. Mtbr tested their 934 XC race wheelset.


  • Priced at $1000
  • Weigh 1550 grams taped w/ XD driver
  • 28mm inner and 34mm outer rim widths
  • Dependable parts, including DT 350 hubs


  • Slight flex in corners
  • New to market

Mtbr's Take

PUB Wheels are the newest offering from the House (best known for the Framed fat bike brand). Looking to offer upgrades and performance to its customers, PUB started with carbon fat bike wheels and quickly progressed to cross country, enduro, and road offerings.

PUB 934 XC Race Wheelset Profile

The round shape of the PUB rim gives the wheel an almost aero look.​

Mtbr's tester PUB wheels arrived quickly after filling out the online order form and talking with a builder. PUB's go-to cross-country 29er wheelset features asymmetric beadless rims laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs. Spoke counts are 32 front and rear with DT Swiss comp and alloy nipples. It's a sturdy build that withstands high-speed rollover forces while not compromising vertical compliance.

The wheelset arrived in a PUB branded double wheel bag with padded sides. It's a total quality construction and a treat for race travel. Besides the cool bag, the wheels came taped with valve cores and Orange Seal Endurance tire sealant. I've had trouble in the past setting up beadless rims with a floor pump and had my CO2 at the ready, but this setup was simple and repeatable across several tire brands.

PUB 934 XC Race Wheelset Off-set Rim

The asymmetric spoke bed aids with proper spoke tension and spoke wind up.​

My first rides on the PUB 934 XC wheelset were at my local trails, which are a mix of rocky, rooty and punchy - perfect for a shiny new wheelset. On the journey to the trails, the PUBs carried speed well and spun up easy on the rollers to the trailhead. Hitting downhill berms, I could feel the slightest flex compared to my race wheels but they were by no means flexy. Over roots and rocks, the wheels were forgiving and confident.

I appreciated the 28mm internal width and the contact patch created. Climb after climb the tires bit, and the wheels spun up quickly, maintaining speed and stiffness. Carbon rims don't always lead to a solid build, but the PUB's are plenty stiff yet compliant in jackhammer root sections. This stiffness can be attributed to the asymmetrical rim profile, DT Comp spokes and attention to detail while under construction.

PUB 934 XC Race Wheelset DT 350

DT Swiss 350 hubs round out a very dependable build.​

After spending much time training and racing on the PUB 934 XC wheelset, I can say they perform like wheels twice their price. The attention to detail and custom build process allows the rider to tune the performance and set the wheel up for a long happy life of shredding. Though PUB is new to the wheel market, the bike brand Framed has a proven track record, and I imagine PUB will follow a similar path. For races and riders looking to get high-end performance without spending high-end cash, take a look at PUB for your next wheelset.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4.5 Flamin' Chili Peppers

Price: $1000
More Info: pubwheels.com