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Psylo XC U-turn or Duke XC U-turn

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6' 1", 185lbs on large iDrive.

What's the better choice? I've been running an '01 Six Deluxe for 2 years and wanted more travel.

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hey, Im pretty sure the Psylo XC and Duke XC have the same HC2 damping system, they are essentially the same fork, just with different travel settings ( 85-125mm for the psylo, and 63-108mm on the duke). I think however, the duke will be a tad lighter.
The duke really isn't that much lighter, and your just getting less travel(all the weight savings),
Up to you, but I reccon you will be happy with either as your bike isn't really designed for a fork over 100mm.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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