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Psot your parts bin bike

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Lets see those parts bin bikes. Spare parts, left overs, all that crap.

This is my newest parts bin. Wanted something for the salt covered and pot hole ridden roads. I know not a MTB, but has knobbies, so I guess you could call it monstercross. I call it Ghetto cross. SE lager frame. flip flop wheel. 46/19 fixed and free. Only part worth anything is tires (specialized captain 34c rear, kenda Kwicker 32c front,) and the front brake, Shimano 600 (only recessed bolt caliper brake I had thats not on something or slated for other projects.) Very little clearance for mud, but rides okay in semi muddy and great dry on the trails, and handles the snow and ice great on pavement. Sorry for crappy phone pics. Camera on the Samsung Impression is okay at best.

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Great topic and post. Moving through the evolution of new bikes and respective components, much is left behind- older frames, older parts, but many still completely functional, and worthy of use.
There is "the calling" to sift and sort; a plan of making it all whole and putting back to action, either for oneself or to pass on to another person who may not have a bike. It is a fun, creative process to assemble "the past" and into rolling life once again! I now spend just as much time- if not more, putting purpose to the parts bin.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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