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== PSA ==
While reading this thread here on MTBR, it became apparent that not everyone is aware of a danger that can exist whenever saddle bags and dropper posts are used together.
If you're riding a full suspension bike with a dropper post plus a saddle bag AND you're someone who isn't aware of the danger present in this combination, please keep reading.
Your life -- or at least your wrists -- could depend on becoming aware.
What follows is a video from several years ago that helps explain what can happen.
Obviously the following "big balls" video started out as a joke but sadly things went wrong during filming.
The vid shows what can happen when a bike's rear wheel is suddenly stopped at an inopportune time.
I'm acquainted with the woman in the vid who broke both wrists when a "big ball" jammed in her frame just before the lip of the drop (see 2:12 in the vid.) She's lucky she didn't bury her face in the lava.
A saddle bag + lowered dropper can cause a similar thing to happen.
So if you're running a saddle bag on a FS bike with a dropper, check your system for clearance when the saddle is lowered all the way and your rear suspension fully compressed (easily done by removing the shock.)
Once your bike in this configuration -- saddle down & shock removed -- if the saddle bag touches the rear tire, you may be asking for trouble.
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