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Maybe this is common knowledge idk, but if you're having issues with your PUSH ACS3 conversion after removing and reinstalling your spring be sure to grab a flashlight and look down the stanchion to see if the spring bearing is broken.

In my case I removed the lowers to change out the fluid and while doing so I also removed to the top cap on my ACS3 and pulled the spring out. When I reinstalled everything the spring seemed to sit about a quarter inch higher than I did before. It took a lot of force to push the top cap down and get it threaded. A quick driveway test proved something was wrong. The fork felt like it was locked out and when it did give it didn't want to spring back into place.

Called the folks at PUSH and to their credit they picked up the phone the first time and I told him it was going on. He quickly asked me to look at that red spring bearing that sits at the bottom of the spring to see if it was broken. Looking down there I couldn't tell it was broken but when I flipped it upside down and shook the uppers it came out in two pieces. Again, to their credit they promptly shipped me out a new spring bearing and problem solved.

Long story short, if you're having issues with this rather simple system after rebuild check to be sure that plastic red spring bearing hasn't broken.

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