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Carbon Fiber/Aluminun protection

People have commented on different materials that can be used to protect the Mojo frame from accidental chips. Of course little chips in the topcoat are nothing to warry about, and the "problem" is easily fixed using the same add ons used with aluminum bikes: chainstay protectors and some kind of thick transparent tape. (I have thick vynil patches on chainstay/BB-section of my aluminnum bike).

However it might be nice for future generations of the Mojo to have a more integrated solution. :confused:

It is a bit silly to play harmchair engineer (the truth is that I am under-the-weather and I cannot go riding today) but here are a couple of ideas:

  • I have a GT STS made in thermoplastic that is 10 years old and looks like it came out of the shop yesterday. Thermoplastic has not proved to be a great material for a whole bike, but I wander if some strategicaly placed sections put as a last layer on top of composite structure might effectively eliminate any risk of cosmetic damage. One would have to do the layering in a separate step but it might be worth the effort. The weight might be too much to cover the whole bike, but for a few sections it might work nicely :idea:
  • Alternatively one could go the easier route that has been taken by Titus with the carbon Racer-X, and offer integrated or replaceble plates for chainstays and downtube
  • or stick with tape ...:rolleyes:


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