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First, a short background.
I bought a pre-owned ARC NiMH in early Dec.
The guy never even used it.
Anyway, after I got it, I cycled the battery like a dozen times.
The best burn time I got was 2:45, not the 3:30 as stated on the web site.
So, I called them up and they told me to send in the whole system.
Just got it back the other day with a brandy new battery. Great:thumbsup:
So, I started cycling the battery again.
The first burn was like 2:30 or so. BTW, I always had a fan on the light while burning.
The next burn, it mysteriously shut down after like :30 or so.
I re started it and it burned for a total of like 2:45.
So I charged the battery again and started the light.
It burned for about a minute and then went dark. Tried restarting it to no avail.
Although the LED behind the button indicated that it was working.
On the phone to L & M again to explain what happened.
Their conclusion, and mine was that there was a problem in the light head, perhaps the ballast. So, they're sending me a brand new light head out without me even having to send in the defective one first. Dre said that once I get it, make sure it works then send the defective one back so they can figure out the problem.
Man, do I have bad luck with this system.
But it's awesome to know that some companies have superior customer service.
I've only gotten to use the light for one night ride, on the bars.
It's awesome! Both in brightness and beam pattern.
I'll let you all know how this ends up.

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Dre is the man. Eric and Jackie are awesome too. They are supportive of the cycling community and stand behind their product. You just can't beat that in a company. Support those that support you is my motto with these guys.
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