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No, I'm not affiliated with them other than I bought a fork from them over a year ago and it broke on a Bear Brook ride the day before I was heading up to Maine for vacation (thread here) . On the way up I stopped at Bikeman (Bath Cycle) and showed them the fork. They told me that they couldn't warranty it without a Kona rep seeing it, but sold me a new one at cost and told me that if the Kona rep agrees that it is a warranty issue they will give me a store credit for the difference.
They cut the new fork to length for me and installed a new bearing race while I waited. The thing that impressed me the most was that they did all of this on a busy Saturday morning with a buttload of customers mulling around the store and having never met me before I showed up. I never went into the shop expecting to get a deal and possible warranty service in the future, I just needed a new fork fast. I got both.
I was on my way in 30 minutes with a new fork installed and ready for vacation.

Good service rocks!
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