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Good day all,

I actually rode with a another Prophet owner this week. First time in years. He complained that if the swing arm pivot pin nut is tightned to torque spec it will come loose after a few rides.

I had this problem three days after I purchased the bike.

The fix is NOT to over torque the nut as the pivot pin head on the drive side will crack.

The fix is teflon tape. Tape the threaded end of pivot pin and then spin the nut on to torque spec. With reduced air pressure in the rear shock to allow the suspension to come close to bottoming, compress the suspension a few times. Re torque the nut to spec and return air pressure in the rear shock to normal. The nut will not loosen again.

I used teflon tape instead of lock tight only because I did not have blue lock tight in my tool box. The teflon tape has worked well and the nut stays torqued to spec until I need to clean and service the swingarm bearings and pivot.

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