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I am very close to purchasing a MX2 but would like comments on the overall ride quality of the bike,pros and cons, and any negatives of the build.

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MX Prophet

Hello Wozinator!

It could be helpful for you to look on this thread :
This guys are very happy with their MX...

I rode last year a prophet 1000 and was from the first moment impressed.I rode only a short test ride but the ride felt very good.It is a very fast all-mountain bike.
The MX is still an all-mountain bike but it goes a little in the freeride direction,heavier parts and the frame is a little bit stronger built,thru-12-axle,ISCG and bigger maximum fork length.The normal prophet will climb better.And the removal of the rear wheel is not so easy because of the thru axle.
But you already know the differents between the MX and the prophet i think.
I have got a MX2 and had no problems at technical climbs and its very funny to ride downhill.I feel very good on this bike on downhills.Cornering at closely curves is a little difficult for me with this bike, because of the long wheelbase , but this is a thing that lies only on me.
I would say both prophets are a good ride but you should ride one offroad before you buy one.And be sure of the correct size.

best regards
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