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prophet 29

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just a wish that cannondale would take the proven prophet from 2005 and update it to a bit more modern geometry and 29" wheels...could it be possible? with the same adjustable geometry from 69 to 67.5 headtube changing from XC and 'downcountry'...who can we write to at cannondale headquarters?
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???? Not sure I'm understanding?
You want modern Geo but the same 67.5 HTA.
If all you're after is few more degree HTA there might be adapters to fit the Prophet.

In order to properly fit 29" tires, I think the clearance needed to properly fit the 140mm Fork requires a steeper HTA.
no i want cannondale to redesign a frame for me, based on the original model but with 29 wheels, idk maybe im high…
The prophet had really bad pedal kickback. I do think they need to bring back the prophet name but on a newly designed bike with up-to-date suspension kinematics.
I modified my ‘05 Prophet with 27.5” wheel builds and Zee1x10. The existing fork is a Lefty 1.0 w/130mm travel (orginally for 26”). Clearance for the rear suspension, I could only go as large as 27.5x2.25.
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Here's my modernized Prophet. It's running 27.5 wheels, 1x11, fox 34 150mm, magura mt5s, maxxis Minion dhf and agressor tires and more good stuff.

It rides well with 27.5 wheels. The bb is higher but it never was low so whatever. One thing I did that made a huge difference in the ride was get my RS Monarch rt3 custom tuned by Prophets take a high compression and low rebound tune. Getting that done reduced the pedal bob a lot.

I can't find an affordable external dropper much over 100mm. I'm not modding my frame for an internal one.

More pics and info:

My Vital Bike Check 05 Prophet


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