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Hi all, I'm in a little of a quandary right now… Here it goes: I've a 2004 Kona Stinky Primo and it comes with a 600 x 2.55" spring. I weigh in at 165lbs w/ my riding gear so I'm wondering if the Vanilla's oversprung?? The most "extreme" stuff I will possibly be doing are just some dirt jumps and nothing more than 5' to flat (ok stop laughing :D )

I did a little searching and here's what I came up with:-

Kona's tech manuals recommend a 16mm sag. With about ¼ to ½ turn of the preload ring, I can get about 13mm of sag (about 20% sag from the 63mm/2.5" stroke.)
Is the 3mm shortfall significant??
p.s. Where do I actually start counting the no. of turns on the preload ring?? I assumed that it was the point where I turn the preload ring just sufficiently to stop any vertical free play in the spring along the shock body?? Is that right??

I also search the forums and stumbled upon the following formulas to gauge estimated spring weights:

Method A:
1. Your wt times 0.6 = 165 * 0.6 =99
2. shock stroke times 0.25 = 2.5 * 0.25=0.625
3. rear wheel travel/2 = 7 / 2 =3.5
4. Estimated spring wt = (3.5*99)/0.625 = 555#
(# +/- 50lbs) Recommended for me: 550lbs

Method B:
Recommended for me: 450lbs

The results from the 2 different methods are quite different (550 vs 450)…. So I'm really confused….would really appreciate if you guys (esp the Stinky riders) could chime in with some advice please. In particular, could you state your riding weights and the spring weight you're using?? TIA :)

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Hi there
210-215 all dressed and i have the stock 550 (18" frame) , it ok for DH but looking for a 600
Are u by any chance in Denmark?
try the springwizard at , it has always worked for me ( 583 recommended for 215 rider , use a . (not a , ) in the wizard )
yr 165 comes out to a 448lbs spring , so im guessing u are tall and skinny , or got a too big frame.

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I'm running a 550 (04 Stinky) and weigh in at 175 lbs. It's perfect for me for general trail riding, nice and plush. If I went any bigger than 5' drops, I would definately move up to a 600 or 650, but for now I like where I'm at.
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