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Project 321 lefty hub bolt

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Anyone else who got one of these noticed an annoying squeek whilst riding? I bought 2 of these and put one on a custom built wheelset with an Si lefty and one on a set of Crossmax SLRs. Both have developed this annoying squeek. Wondering whether I have done something stupid or whether there is something wrong?

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I just put together a new Rize with Mavic wheels.:thumbsup: At slow speeds it sounds like an old door creaking!? I pot some lube on bearing, but it could also be brakes or 14 inches of snow we have here.

I love snow, but I also want to ride my new bike.:madman:
My guess would be the O ring on the bolt. A drop of chain lube right where the cap meets the bolt head ought to do it if that's the case.
thanks guys. will give it a go and report back.
I had same squeek. It is the o-ring that needs to be lubricated. A Cannondael mechanic fixed it for me at one of my races last year.
My guess would be the o-ring as well. In good conditions I remove the o-ring.
I can't believe how much drag it creates. Some lube would reduce the drag also
but I just remove it. Our bolt/cap combo actually has less crush on the o-ring than
the stock cannondale units in order to reduce drag but still there is a surprising amount
of drag.

Hi Jake, what about the Phil Wood upgrade bearings, do they create some drag as well or...?
rasse1977 said:
Hi Jake, what about the Phil Wood upgrade bearings, do they create some drag as well or...?
Yes they do seem to have more drag. I am told they break in and spin very freely but I haven't ridden a set long enough to know for sure.
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