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I'm thinking of converting my old Stumpjumper into a dropbar sorta gravel bike. Initially planning on just dropping the granny from the stock 24/36/46 crankset and set it up as a 2x 36/46.

But I also have this old Specialized S-works Strongarm cold-forged 58/94 crankset laying around that I bought years ago, and never did get around putting on any bike. Beautiful crankset. Thinking of possibly putting this on the bike, but I'd need chainrings. Not a lot available now in 94bcd, there's Blackspire but they're pretty pricey. There's Vuelta, but I'm not reading good things about them. Profile has some NOS they're selling for $20, so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with their chainrings. Any good?

Also, Chain Reaction has some TA chainrings on their website, but then I've got UK shipping charges to consider.
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