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Production V2 Covert Colors

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Here they are!

Talk amongst yourselves....
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Looks GREAT!

I so wish the gold rocker was on the mossy green.
But then the green might not look so good on the orange.
Of course that white rocker on the mossy green would look good too.
White and gold work well together as well.......

I guess what I'm saying is they ALL look awesome.
Mmm...gigidy. The square tubed-seat stays makes the frame look much, much more balanced than the prototype. Good to see it made it into production!
Why do i have to be a poor college student :( That green looks sooo good. damn.
You can check the studio photos HERE.

What does the final production one weigh? How about the white one fully built with that kit?
I am thinking green to replace my current trail bike, which shall remain nameless
Transition Bikes have you guys tested with a Fox DHX 5.0 coil?
I would also be curious to hear about the ride with a coil...
shirk said:
What does the final production one weigh? How about the white one fully built with that kit?
The white complete bike pictured weighs 31lbs or a hair under. That is with a 1.125" Talas R and the All Mountain kit (sub 60mm Truvativ stem and a t-bar 30, plus Stepdown pedals). I have not personally weighed a production frame, but the 6.7lb (without shock) weight should be pretty accurate for the size Med.

I'm so ready for mine to get hear. Any word on shipping?
I had a few ship yesterday, they'll get in tuesday for us
we have used coils with no problems on the previous Coverts, but this Covert was really designed around the Fox air shock. If you think you need a coil then you probably want to step up and get a Bottlerocket. Coils were not tested on any of the prototypes.

All colors and sizes ready to go now.
Is the Burnt Orange on the 09 the same orange that was on the 07 model?
No its not, its close , but the new color is more of a rusty color, and it is not metallic.
I am SOOOO thinking of trading in my BottleRocket and getting one of these. I really dont use the BR to its potential. I am having a new 4X/DS bike made (sorry different manufacturer....he is a friend from BMX) so this bike would better suit my riding I do when not racing. Plus the Hammerschmidt option is a deffinite possiblity. I would like to see a sub 30 lb build with the HS......I bet its possible without getting too crazy.
WOW everything looks awesome

A question for Transition guys

would you recommend a large for someone 5'11"?
also have you guys tried the Fox 32 Talas 150mm with 15QR?
will you guys be offering that version or is the weight difference so slight
that I might as well go with the 36?

look at the sizing page for it on they recommend a med.

remember the seat tube angle is pretty steep and makes the eff top tube look shorter than other bikes.
yeah I noticed the sizing after I posted this
so what your saying is the angle makes the TT look shorter buts it actually ok for my size?
My Giant Reign is a Medium and I was looking at the specs on that seems about the same

I guess I've never paid too much attention to this but what does a longer wheelbase provide vs a shorter? my Giant is a bit short WB
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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