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Hey thanks. Yeah it's ajustable.

Here is my list:

Frame: Proceed FST Light 110 - 150 - 177mm
Shock: Manitou 4-Way Swinger Air
Fork: Marzocchi AM 1
Shifter and Derail.: XO and X-Gen
Cranks: XT (soon to be replaced by Midlleburn RS-7)
Pedals: CrankBros Eggbeater
Headset: CK
Stem: Syntace VRO 55-110mm - it's very strong
Handlebar: Syntace Vector Lowrider VRO
Saddle: I-Fly C (soon to be replaced, it's light but not good for my arse)
Post: I-Fly (soon to be replaced my Thomson Masterpiece)
Brakes: Hope Mono 4/ Mono Mini
Hubs: DT Swiss Huigi 240
Spokes: DT Supercomp
Rims: ZTR 545 Notubes
Tires: Schwalbe Big Bettys

I think that's the most important stuff! ;)

thats right living legend
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dogonfr said:
Looks sweet!!!:thumbsup: Ya that seat doesn't look user friendly. :eekster:
I've never heard of it, but I really dig the look of that bike!

Yeah that seat looks like something the ancient Egyptions used to use to...Bla Bla Bla!

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@dogonfr: Thank you! :thumbsup:

@blackagness: It's a small company, they did really well in the mountainbike magazine tests etc. If you're interested

The Frame is sort of heavy though. It's really strong. Weights about 8,5lbs with the shock.

The complete bike is around 32 - 33lbs.

I can still get it around 0,7lbs lighter though.


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