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I have a set of Hayes Stroker Trails on my bike and use a Rock Shox Maxle as the front axle. I recently removed the wheel to get the bike in a car and the lever must have gotten pressed because the front brake hasn't felt the same since. The front level has half the through of the rear lever and it feels like there is little to no modulation. The brakes seem like they are on or off.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with the pads, calipers or is it a brake bleeding issue? Any help would be appreciated...

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I am having trouble understanding your description.

Pushing a lever in when the brake is disk free shouldn't cause an issue.
push it in 30 times, you may have a problem, once, nah.

push both the pistons all the way back in.
remount the brake.
set it up.

if that doesn't work explain the problem clearly.

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From the Hayes website stroker manual:

B. Piston(s) Pumped Out (Figure 3)
If the brake lever is stroked without the disc between the pads (and this is possible when brake pads are being changed), the self-adjusting feature will allow the pads to
push out. The caliper pistons will be pumped out of their bore. This would cause excessive drag on the disc when the wheel and disc are reinstalled,or even make it
impossible to install the wheel and disc.
To fix this problem…
1. Remove the brake pads from the caliper if they are not already removed.
Hint: If the pads are pushed together tight, slide the travel spacer between the pads and enlarge the gap until it is large enough to pull the pads out.
2. With the pads removed, push the pistons all the way back into the caliper using the box end of a8mm wrench.
Caution: Don't push on the post in the center of the piston because that will bend the post. Walk the piston back and forth until the piston is all the way back in the
bore. Do the same thing on the other side.
3. When the pistons are back into their bores, replace the pads.
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