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Two days ago after a gear change, I forget at this stage if it was up or down, I ended up with the chain snagging up on the chain rings. At the time I thought that it was just a bad shift. I immediately back pedalled and everything was back to normal. I usually ease off on the power when changing and it occured when I re-applied pressure on the cranks. In hind sight, it was almost as if the pawls in the freehub failed to engage.

Later on while cleaning up the bike, I noticed that the freehub "ticking" sound while spinning the wheel was softer/quieter than I remember it being. I don't know how many pawls there are, but its as if they are not all engageing. When I hold the wheel and turn the crank, the freehub seem to engage properly but I'm wondering If these are signs of a worn out freehub and I need to replace it or can it be serviced? I rode it again yesterday and it seems to behave normally. I don't know if I'm being neurotic but there appear to be some noises coming from the rear hub area. This is one job I have not had to do before and I'm not sure if my analasis is correct. It is just over a year old and has not been ridden particularly hard. I'd like to ask if anyone has had any experience with this.

Ronnie. :confused:
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