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Problem with Reba RL fork on SC Tallboy

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Go back in time I had what I think is a similar(known?) problem with the 26r SID fork, where the one side is off/twisted etc and the wheel is then at an angle to the side vs straight....I read about it on racers blog and now I got a new set of Stans and all the sudden my buddy showed it to me, we put the stock wheels that came w/it and same thing...though it was my eyes(just got glasses too) but you/I can on the right side basically put my index finger between the inside of the fork and the side of the tire and on the other side only my pinky...

so do I worry or just try and delete that one out of my mind and let er rip?
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Wow.....honestly....this happened on my old 2009 SID....
This happened to me with a new fork I just purchased. My LBS called Sram and they sent a new fork no questions asked. Good CS to cover for bad QC.
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