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Problem with my 2002 Super T Pro

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well i wanted to go biking today just around my block to get out of the house for alittle, and right when i got on my bike, i noticed that my right leg ( compression side) of my seal was half covered with oil, and oil about an inch above the seal on the stanction... i have my compression all the way out for DH racing before, and i keep my bike in a somewhat cold garage and there are no scratches on the stanctions whatsoever. is there something wrong with my fork?

i am in need of an oil change also, and i want to do it myself for the first time so i dont need to pay anyone. i helped my friend change his oil in is 05 dropoff, but that doesent have the complicating valving of rebound and compression.

how do i change my oil in my 2002 super t pro?

any help could be used
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it's not too hard to change youroil, just do it...
scabrider said:
it's not too hard to change youroil, just do it...
thanks for bumping

some details would be helpful :D
It's not any harder to change than your friend's Dropoff. Both the SSV and HSCV carts are left intact when you change oil and/or seals. Sounds like you just have a fork seal failure. I usually disassemble the top cap retainer and footnuts when working on these forks, but I'd think you can just remove the footnuts and drop the lowers.
I had the same thing happen to my 2001 junior T, but it blew up as I landed, the stanchion was cracked and popped the seal out of place (caused by too tight stanchion clamps)
maybe your seal is popped out of place??
you need new seals

Did the seal pop up like it did on the manitou stance kingpin fork at diablo? JORDO wat did u get for christmas i got a guitar :)


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It could just be the temperture. Mine leaked massive amounts of oil on my last cold ride with it. I blame it on my enduro seals shrinking. But the fact that only one leg is leaking points twards a blown seal indeed. Also what do you mean by compression side? on the 02 both sides are exactly the same. They both have hscv carteridges with springs ontop.

so what I think you should do is first take the wheel off, and very very thoroughly inspect for cracks in the arch, because most likely there will be. if It is cracked, get a new fork.

If it isn't cracked you can choose to eithere put new seals in, or hope that it is just the temp and wait till summer. It might end up costing more than it is worth to repair it. unless you can do it yourself. It's pretty easy to change the seals if you are confident with your mechanical abilites. I reccomend calling marzocchi.
Just take it to a good shop and have the seals and oil changed
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