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So I thought my less than impressed perception of the Garmin Edge 305 was turning around when I started to use some of the more advanced functions like the heart rate, target zones, and incline.

Now unfortunately, my computer is not able to receive the history or send data to the gps. I've tried wiping out the data, re-installing the software, and using new connection cables and the damn GPS just won't communicate. I spent more than an hour of fruitless time on the phone with Garmin and they did not solve the problem. Has anyone else run into this difficulty???

Also, the unit is still taking 3 or more minutes to find satellite signal. :madman: :madman:

I'm exchanging it to REI tomorrow unless someone can offer a solution. I want to like this thing, but it is just sooo hard.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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