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Problem with Formula The Ones

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I bought the Formula The one brakes in June and I have had a lot problems with the brakes. From the beginning there was a lot of lever pull and they were not very powerfull, so I tried bleeding them which did not help. I have now bled the four times now and they
still suffer from lack of power, lever pull (only 0.5 cm from the handlebar when I brake hard) and the bleeding does not seem to help at all.

The strange thing is that on my trip to Norwayin in August where there was some nasty downhills the brakes seemed to pump up and the lever pull was perfect but when I got back to Denmark where there are not that many steep downhills, the brakes lost their power. My bike in standing upright in my appartment and while standing on the rear wheel the brakes seem to have lost their power and the lever in only 0.5cm from the handlebar. This is really frustating.

I have tried to bleed them too many times and I am convinced that I am bleeding them the correct way so I am suspecting that I need there is a problem with the brakes.

I would prefer If i myself could solve the issue so I dont have to send them to USA where I bought them. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem and how I can solve it?

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You might have a problem with the MC. Somewhat consistent with the plunger/piston problem. They're brakes; go through the trouble of getting them fixed right, or find the distro, or go to Formula Italy. In theory, you should be able to call Formula USA and they have to warranty them since you bought them through that distribution system, but you would either have to get them to send the parts or send the brakes to them.
What brakes did you have before? My Ones feel way different that any of my other brakes, they are set up more for one finger braking and modulation. They certainly have more of a squishy lever feel, but the power on mine is still amazing. So the lever feel is more of a brake design thing, but the lack of power is certainly something to get checked out. i would look for a danish or Euro Formula office, seems like they would take care of you no matter where you bought the brakes.
I have formula the ones and i had a few problems with the rear one,it felt completely different to the front and was spongy and had a lot of lever travel as do yours.After several bleedings they still did it.I have now sorted them by keeping the lever verical when bleeding and by removing the caliper and keeping it vertical so the bleed screw is at the highest point.After bleeding again i had a few more air bubbles from the rear caliper and this cured the spongy feel.To get rid of the lever movement i removed the rear wheel and pumped the lever once and then replaced the wheel and if this didnt work i removed the wheel and pushed the pistons in and pumped the lever twice and refitted the wheel.I know have a perfect rear brake.

Hope this helps
I have had Hayes and Avid Juicy.

The rear felt good after one of the bleeds with very good modulatio and perfectly for one finger braking. But after the bike was standing on the rear wheel it seemed as if there came air into the system.

Norsocam - I also tried your technique which helped but I got a lot of rotor drag and after the bike had stood on the rear wheel the rear brake again was spongy and squishy and could be pulled to 0.5cm from the handlebar.

JC - can you elaborate on the problem with the MC? Is it difficult to change the MC piston and is it possible to buy it as a spare part anywhere? But I think you are right - I will probably talk to one of the Formula dealers here in Denmark and see if they can help me.
If the pads rub just very carefully push the top edge of the pads so the piston goes in slightly or go for a ride and the pad will wear down.I go through a set of pads every 3-4 weeks riding in the wet and muddy conditions we have at the moment.

By the sounds of it there is still air in it somewhere ,have you moved the lever unit around whilst keeping it upright and the same to the caliper.By keeping the bottom of the lever unit in one place and moving the bleed syringe around in circles and pushing the syringe slowly at the other end whilst connected it clears any trapped bubbles.

mine are very powerfull 203 front and 180 rear and one finger braking is easy.Takes a while to get used too aswell.
Norcosam - I have not tried all your recommendations so I think I will try one more bleed accodring to your instructions and if it does not work I will sent them to the Danish distributor.

Thanks :)
Ok. I had bled the rear about ten times until i did this.It was destroying me why i couldnt get them to work properly.I will say that they still dont feel as solid on the lever as the hopes i used to run.But they have more power and control.
The One is not designed to have as solid a lever feel as many other brakes. It sound slike you are close. The One benefits from very careful setup. Spot facing of the frame and caliper alignment using feeler gauges both help.
Shoot these guys off an email and explain whats up they should be able to assist you properly. :thumbsup:
when I transport my bike,I have to lay if on its side...can this cause air to get into the lines
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