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problem with 2003 dare...anyone else?

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hey i'm having a problem with my 03 dare. it seems like when the rear shock bottoms out the part of the chainstay that is adjacent to the very bottom of the seat tube hits the seat tube and has dented it. Anyone else run into this problem? Seems like a very serious design flaw!! even if you bottom the fork out the chainstay should not be hitting the seat tube. I remember seeing this on the dare review section on mtbr but now they are all gone! looks like mtbr removed all negative reviews and now there are only 3 reviews up for the 03 dare. LAME!! Is this warrantyable?

thanks for any help.
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I've heard about a similer problem before, in fact something along these lines is what I was assuming your post would be about. Many users have reported that the linkage-yoke hits the seat under full compression too. Take the spring off of your shock and cycle the suspension to see what's happening. There have been reports of "flaws" in the way that the suspension works as far as hitting things. It is simply very difficult to design an 8" bike with a straight seat tube(and a reasonable wheelbase), if it were easy you'd see a lot more DH bikes with straight seat tubes.
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