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For the last couple years, I have lubed my chains with Pro Gold Pro Link and as of recently I switched to the generic version, Nashbar's Dry Lube. I usually hold the bottle in my right hand and apply the lube drip by drip and run my left hand along the bottom of the chain. I never wore gloves and the stuff always got all over my left index finger and the rest of my left hand.

I noticed that my fingers felt stiff, rigid and the joints hurt after working on my bikes. These sensations were concentrated in my left hand, and in particular, my left index finger. I thought the discomfort came mainly from over working my fingers and hands. However, I mainly use my right hand to turn wrenches and almost all of the discomfort is in my left hand. These fealings subside after a number of days.

I ordered a box of blue nitrile gloves from an online medical supply store. I plan to use them religiously whenever I apply Pro Gold or Nashbar Dry Lube. I love those two "surface treatment" lubes. I don't plan to stop using them. I will continure to recommend them highly, but I have already warned my brother and father (I gave them bottles of the stuff for their bikes)not to let the stuff touch their skin.
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