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Well like many other Pro Flex owners I had the elastomers that were toast. I wanted to ride it but just couldn't in it's current condition. Well as luck would have it yesterday at work someone tossed a Currie Lightning FS ( ) into the trash. Initially I thought about fixing the scooter.. then I looked at the rear shock and wondered... While I have never heard of the brand of shock before this (Kind Shock) I figured why not check. Sure as heck it fit!! It is a bit stiffer then original but that's what I wanted anyway!

1. Remove spring from shock by unscrewing adjustment all the way back to relieve pressure, remove bottom plate/cup, keep plate/cup

2 Remove elastomers from bike

3. Place spring against frame side, put plate/cup on the bottom side, then original washer. put back together (Make sure you keep the bolt sleeve)

The old

The New

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