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Privateer 141 or ripmo af

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looking to get a modern full suspension bike, but wonder if anyone local had any time on either of these bikes

I'm predominantly in the Bangor ME region, but do venture out some. Definitely prefer the downs. Not afraid to put a longer day in the saddle. Just wasn't sure if the length and seat tube angle of the privateer 141 would be too much for the trails here.
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I don't own either but think the question really is what you want out of a bike. Ibis bikes are generally shorter, more conservative well rounded. Bikes like the privateer are on the more aggressive and long side of the spectrum. Ibis' dw link is going to be one of the better pedaling platforms...of any mid travel bike. The privateer 4-bar design will probably not climb as well but will (along with the long geometry) be suited towards going down. I have a friend that is a very good rider that would pick something like the Ibis because he likes bikes that are very efficient. I am the opposite, choosing bikes that look more "fun." As far as the seat angle it will be easier to have a stretched out roomy cockpit with the Ibis since the top tube is longer. The Privateer will give you more a more upright on top of the pedals feel . I do like steeper seat angles but also like more neutral angles like Ibis has for long rides with lots of pedaling. All comes down to you riding style and priorities.
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I'd also add that most people say the New England is more tight/techy and having lived in NH many years ago I could see how the Ripmo would be the better fit having a shorter wheelbase and chainstays. And probably a better "one" bike. That said, I personally would rather have the P141 😁
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