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Thought i'd post up about a new cheap Flood stylee light along the lines the Std T6xml's i recently added to my collection from, i know the cheap lights can be very hit and miss, but have to ay, have been lucky with the ones i have picked up over the years,
Big convex glass lense on the unit, (has a zoom function but is a bit of a not needed addition) gives of a Lovely Wide Flood of light, quite impressive, compared to the std T6 cree's its Massively Wider spread,
First impressions were good, lovely wide spread of light with no real hotspot, worked Very well on its own in the woods, almost good enough to ride with alone, being used to a couple of T6 xml's its quite different,

Appologies for the Pooch caught in the act in the pictures! ;-) but a full power beam shot across the garden,

Medium/low mode

i recon as a commuter light would be spot on, plenty of spread, ideal for lanes etc. Teamed up with a T6xml on the bars though gives a Great combo for attacking the woods!
- both on full (the other 2 lights on the bars are the same t6's were put on to see if they made much more difference) they are the pair in the middle of the bars btw.

gotta say am quite chuffed with it after the twin U2 solarstorm dropping its light Massively over past couple of rides, made me think i should have gone for one of these in the first place! :-D
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