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Okay, this is somewhat of a followup to my previous post about my fork settings.

I am running a Pushed RT3 on my Tallboy and weigh 200 pounds. I am still experimenting with pressure settings. I find that I get about 25% sag with about 195 PSI, but the ride just feels harsh.

I am going to ride today and goign to go down to about 180 which puts me at around 30% sag and see how that feels.

Theoretically around 25% sag should be about optimal but just feels harsh to me still and I really don't feel much actuation in the rear, even when just riding on pavement and doint a bunny hop top test the suspension movement. I do understand that the VPP is an effieicent design though and some of this feeling could be due to the linkage working the way it should such that you don't feel the suspension move much eventhough it may be.

Just wondering what settings you found optimal for your Tallboy. Maybe I am just expecting a plusher ride than what the Tallboy will deliver...?? I don't know.


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