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For what its worth I talked to a couple of rangers today at the 305/62 trailhead after my ride this morning. They said there is no plans to close Prescott NF at this time. They said that if conditions do not get any worse and there is no political pressure the forest will remain open. :thumbsup: Thats a little bit of good news up here. Trail conditions are still dry, but at least you can still ride :D

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Some restrictions and partial closures...

But not at Lynx Lake or Granite Basin...yet...

Prescott National Forest Implements Partial Closures

June 20, 2006

PRESCOTT, AZ - - Prescott National Forest will increase fire restrictions on Friday, June 23, at 8:00 am. Along with Stage III Fire Restrictions, Prescott National Forest will implement area closures at Horsethief Basin and along the Verde River.

Closures on the Bradsahw Ranger District:

Beginning at the Forest boundary, west and south along County Road 59 to Poland Creek, then south along the Castle Creek Wilderness boundary to Whiskey Springs, then south along Forest Service Road 100 to Trail 233 (Lane Mountain Trail); then southwest along the trail to the Forest boundary, then east and north along the Forest boundary to County Road 59.
Horsethief Basin Recreation area will be closed along with Turney Gulch Group and Hazlet Hollow Campgrounds.
Additional closures on the Verde Ranger District:

Beginning from the junction of Highways 260 and 89A, continue east on Highway 89A to the Verde River. Continue south along the Prescott National Forest boundary on the Verde River to the Gap Creek Rive Access Point (RAP) Trail. Follow the Gap Creek RAP Trail to Forest Service Road 574. Continue north on Forest Service Road 574 to County Road 163 (Salt Mine Road). Continue north on County Road 163 to Highway 260. Follow Highway 260 north to the junction of Highway 89A.
FR 574 from its junction with County Road 163 to its end is closed
FR 132 from its junction with County Road 75 to the point it crosses the section line between Sections 25 and 26 of Township 15 North, Range 3 East is closed.
FR 413 from its junction with Highway 89A to the point it crosses section line between Section 25 and 26 of Township 15 North, Range 3 East is closed.
Existing Stage III Fire Restrictions:

The following are prohibited on the Prescott National Forest:

Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, charcoal, coal or wood stove. The use of pressurized liquid or gas stoves, lanterns and heaters meeting safety specifications are allowed.
Smoking, except within enclosed vehicles or buildings.
Use of explosives.
Operating a chainsaw.
Welding or operating acetylene or other torch with open flame.
Possessing or using any motorized vehicle on Forest Service OHV trails, including Hayfield Draw, Sheridan Mountain/Smith Mesa, and Alto Pit OHV areas.
Possessing, discharging or using any kind of firework or other pyrotechnic device.
Discharging a firearm, air rifle, or gas gun.
Dispersed Camping is prohibited on all Forest Service land with the Bradshaw Ranger. .
The following closures are in effect on the Verde Ranger District:

Forest Trails 114, 108, 105 and 106 which begin on the rim of Mingus Mountain and end on Forest Road 413
Beginning from the junction of Highway 260 and County Road 75, west to Forest Service Road (FSR) 132; northwest along FSR 132 to the section line between sections 25 and 26, Township 15 N, Range 3 East; north along the section line to FSR 413; north on FSR 413 to Highway 89A northeast to the Forest boundary; follow the boundary east and southerly along the private property boundary to the intersection with Highway 260; south on Highway 260 to the junction with County Road 75.

The residents and guests may enter the closed areas when traveling directly to and from their private properties.
Camping is permitted at the following developed recreations sites on the Bradshaw Ranger District:
Lynx Lake Campground
Groom Creek Horse Camp Campground
Hilltop Campground
Upper Wolf Creek Group Campground
Lower Wolf Creek Campground
Yavapai Campground
Granite Basin Group Campground
White Spar Campground
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