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Preliminary review of the Vholdr ContourHD and the Kona Coilair Supreme

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VHoldr Contour HD

In the ContourHD product, Vholdr has developed a compact light camera that can be used to shoot POV (Point of View) video footage with exceptional picture quality. It's a well thought-out unit; easy to operate yet with pretty much every feature that one might want in a POV camera. This preliminary review does not lend itself to anything more then the most cursory of examinations of mounting options but this appears to be an area that might need improvement and/or some tinkering. A more involved review to follow will look at the Vholdr ContourHD for use primarily in the sport of freeride/downhill mountain biking. It will also suggest some easy-to-implement mounting option modifications.

Kona Coilair Supreme

The CoilAir Supreme is the highest end spec of Kona's Enduro/Freeride line and the highest end bike featuring Kona's Magic Link proprietary 6 +1 suspension. The Coilair line is basically an all-mountain line of bikes that's biased towards those who love gravity and a wee bit of airtime yet who expect to climb their bikes.

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