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Pre-2009 El Guapo

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Hi all

New here so forgive me if my etiquette is lacking...

I'm UK based and have just bought a 2nd hand Titus El Guapo - 2008 model I think. I've always wanted one of these but they are quite rare over here.

My issue is that I was unaware of the frame size changes and assumed that I had bought a 19.5" frame (as is the case with Large frames 2009 onwards). However, turns out the 2008 Large was 20.75"!!

Now I'm 5,11" (180cm) - is this frame going to be too big for me? Just trying to avoid the hassle of building it to find out! My guess is that I will struggle but looking for advice from those that actually own them.

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Well, everyone has a different preference. I am 6'1" and a 35" inseam. I own a 2008 EG in medium (18.25" seat tube) and I just bought a 2010 EG in large. The old large was a bit too big and the medium fit me pretty good with a 70mm stem. I wanted to go with a shorter stem so that's why I bumped up to the next size with a longer top tube.

It will work fine as an XC frame but for drops and jumps I think you'll be wanting the smaller model.
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