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PowerTap And Rim Combo Recommendation

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Can anyone recommend a good 26" Rim and PowerTap combo, mostly used for all-round mountain biking and training, not racing....

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I can't help but wonder why you want a PowerTap if you're not racing.

Regardless, the only disc brake compatible PowerTap is the Disc version. All other versions are road version, there is no other option unless you go with a power crank..

As for the rim, well you'll need to be more explicit... What tire width do you plan on running? What kind of riding (be more specififc than "all-round riding")? etc.
I think the OP is racing, he just won't be using the PT for racing, i think is what he is saying??
Granted I was on a 29er rim... I ran a Stans 355 ZTR for a few seasons, worked well, granted I run tire pressure super super low and went through a few rims, I swapped to a Stans Crest and liked the little lower profile and bit wider.

The Arch looks like a good all around riding rim...
The Powertap wheel needs to be built in a 3x spoke pattern.

If you've got disc brakes on your mountain bike then you're stuck with the Powertap Disc hub. There's no option for any other Powertap hub to take a disc brake rotor.

For the rim I'd go for something that will hopefully be fairly durable and reliable, as opposed to a super light rim. I used a DT XR 4.2D rim for my Powertap rear wheel.:)
miss rides a lot said:
I'm running a Stans ZTR Crest rim with my mtb PT.
with your setup we went with a light rim to offset hub weight. also you are much lighter and easier on wheels than most any male rider. if that wheel were mine it would probably have had a Mavic 819 or similar. something pretty bombproof.
I went with an 819 rim.
1206 tubeless wonderful miles on my XM819s....perfect as day one.
yeah... something about the construction/alloy of the 819's makes them really strong. i have a set of CrossMax wheels that have had so many rock strikes it isn't funny. (and from when i was WAY FATTER). they are not dented like the softer/lighter rims we race on now. :thumbsup:

one thing though, i used to burp the tires a LOT more on those wheels. i think there were many variables though that led to this (wider tire on narrow rim, fat rider, less skill, heavier landings from greater heights, etc)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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