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I´m following the Dave Morris plan, and I was in the phase of doing long intervals, in the 15 min -20 min range. Well 3.5 weeks ago, I can maintain that pace every day, for 3 consecutive days (with the obvius 3 consecutives rest days). Well, the detail, is that I´m an student, and this weeks, I´m in my finals. So I can´t touch the bike, I just took one or two times per week, to do an easy spin on the trainer.
I tried to do some intervals, but the maximun time that I can be on it, is 5 min. So what do you recommend me to do, after finishing my parcials? Start again with the SMSPS intervals to raise my power again, or just try to do shorter MSPOS intervals, and increment the time slowly...?

Thanks, for your feedback!

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