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nodaknat said:
Is it still officially closed to Mtb in Feb? I would think the trails are fairly hard with the cool weather...would love to stretch the legs with a quick spin:)
Open year round now (used to be closed Dec-Mar every year though). The trails are considered closed if the trails are muddy (if your bike tires leave an imprint on the trail surface). I would think it would be fine to ride now, but probably not during the coming week if it rains most of the time like the forecast calls for. I usually night ride there about 1x/wk on way home from work most of the year and trails dry out fairly fast and drain fairly well with only maybe a mucky spot or two on the flat spots. Only time I usually can't ride there is when it rains most of the week. A couple of dry days, then it usually good to ride again. Hope that helps, a fun little night ride in there when all the foot traffic is not there, just the animals and the fun, semi-short trails (I network a few different trail loops at night for about an hours worth of continuous riding) :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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