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Ibis Mt. Trials project...big progress

just got my Ibis Mt. Trials back form the powdercoater's today...mmm...glossy black.

I put on the decals I bought from and will be installing (carefully) the bronze headbadge tomorrow. I'll get pics ASAP. It looks like new. I'm stoked.

It's slated to have a mix of NOS 88 parts, including XT, Scott Pedersen rear ubrake, 600 ex headset...NOS RM-20's on 6sp xt hubs, Mavix wishbone shifters, mavic rear road derailleur...I'll get pics asap. I'm SO excited about this one!

Only non-period parts will be a Thomson seatpost (for length and color) and an Azonic Double Wall bar (for ridability).

Stay tuned! :)


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WTB-rider said:
P-I-C-T-U-R-E-S :D

I had an '89 Mt.Trials which was unfortunately stolen along with my truck :(
right on cant wait to see this build up.

WTB-rider, which are more sad about? the truck or the bike? fair question i think.
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