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i see a lot of folks discussing powder coat vs anodized paint finish? what's the difference?
Powder coat is actually a paint that goes on as a powder. An electrostatic charge is placed on the item to be coated and then an even coat is sprayed on. The item is then baked at a given temperature for a given amount of time. The heat basically melts the powdered coating. If done properly this gives the finished product an even, durable, shinny finish.

Anodizing is actually controlled corrosion. It is accomplished with a chemical bath. The process basically puts a fine layer of corrosion on the surface of the metal. It's a highly controlled process so the coating is very even and smooth and quite thin. But it is actually harder than the surface that is being anodized so is very durable and very resistant to further corrosion. Adding various chemicals or pigments produces various colors. One down side is there are limits to the possible colors with anodizing. Whereas with powder coat any color under the sun is possible. Another downside to anno is you have to be careful about degreasers and cleaners. There are some heavy duty degreasers out there that will remove anodizing quite easily.

Anyway, two very different processes, but both quite durable. Powder coating is usually the cheaper of the two finishes. The above is highly over simplified, but gives you the difference between the two.

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