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Supersonic Garfield
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Hopefully this hasn't been done on this forum yet, I couldn't find a similar thread.

Anyway, I am new to the SS scene and getting totally hooked. I had a 6hour singletrack ride yesterday and loved it. Although it rained, was cold, had wet roots and rocks - it still rocked!

So, when getting a frame I had a hard time finding a "definite" gallery of different setups. Maybe this thread can become just that for future prospects and projects?

Here's my first SS bike - after 16years of mountainbiking.

Zion 853 EBB - 19"
Kelly Rigid fork - suspension corrected
Formula ORO 180/160.
Azonic CF-1 Bar
Titec RIP stem - 90mm
BBB Headset
Hadley/WTB Laserdisc XC front wheel
Hope XC/317 Rear
24-7 SS conversion kit. 16t.
Old 175mm LX cranks
UN73 XT Taper BB
Shimano 535pedals - old style
Intense System 4 front tire
Specialized Roll-X Rear tire
WTB Tubes
Syncros 32t Steel ring
Salsa Seatclamp
Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost
Odi Rogue grips
SDG Bel Air seat

Weights in (on a bad scale) at 10.8kg / 23.7lbs
I WILL cut the hoses ;)


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not the greatest picture, but...
KHS team Platnum OX tubing, not sure of the year
ENO hub w/ 3.1 tubless rim
Crossmax front
Truvativ SS 180mm cranks
Avid digit 7 brakes
Thomson stem and post
old Koobi seat
Atom 80 fork


Mtn Biker Machinist
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I want a ride report on that zion frame. I am looking for my first ss specific frame, and want to go disc and you can't beat 300 shipped, post a ride report! Pics of my current conversion ss to follow! How big is your rear tire? An earlier post said the biggest that would fit is a 2.3 (tight) Sorry about the hijack, that is just the first zion I've seen posted.

The Top Cap Guy
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Here's my Spicer... it's my 3rd SS Machine....

Custom Geometry Spicer Ti EBB Disc Only Frame
Spicer Ti Rigid Fork
King Hset
Easton Post and Monkeylite Bar
XTR Cranks w/ Jericho Ring and Bash
XTR/DT/XM819 Wheels
XTR Discs with XT levers


Cold. Blue. Steel.
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My Jamis

my converted Jamis Durango SX
my Waltworks 29er EBB SS is getting her clothes right about now (at the powdercoater) so hopefully i will be posting the "blue bomber" before too long.
in the meantime, my old standby for the past 9 months:

- nice, heavy (4.85 lbs) aluminum frame - great geometry, though
- Marzocchi Marathon SL 85mm ('03 model)
- ubiquitous Chris King headset
- XT/717 disc wheelset with 2.4 Mutanoraptors (size matters)
- Avid BB-5's with Straightjackets (highly recommended)
- custom bent (read: crash; carefully straighten lever, crash again; carefully straighten other lever, repeat... :p ) Avid SD-7 levers.
- Monkey Lite XC risers with Rogue clamp on grips
- Bontrager stem (minus the really ugly stickers)
- Maxm carbon post (nice ride)
- Serfas saddle with Ti rails
- Truvative Stylo SS cranks, 180mm, 32t ring
- Gigapipe BB (not too happy with it)
- 18t Gusset'r steel cog and spacer kit(damn this thing is holding up!)
- KMC chain (great master link)
- Soulcraft Convert- set it and forget it. (quiet, too)
- Candy SLs


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