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Post Your Kid's Bikes, What works? What doesn't?

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Reading through the posts here, it seems many of us are all going through the same routine. Kids getting older and going through bikes as they grow.

Many of us seem to select a bike, then add or change an aspect of the bike that improves the fit or performance for their child. Sometimes building the bike up with our kids. It seems it would be good to have a thread just for these project builds, for others to get ideas of what works, and what doesn't work. I think fully stock bikes are welcome too, as it will give some insight into how the bike performs, and what size works.

So if you have a "project" bike you've built up for or with your child, post it up. I suggest including the following information.

Child height:
Bike Model & Size:
Riding Style:
Picture of bike:
Changes to bike:
What worked, and what didn't:

If this is a repeat thread, I'd welcome someone to point me to the other thread.

Happy Trails!
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Height: 4'8"

Riding Style: 4-8 mile groomed single track snow bike routes, he rides well, but isn't terribly motivated to ride technical terrain.

Bike Model & Size: 2016 Trek Farley 9, XC (15.5)

Changes to Bike: KHS Carbon Fork (EBAY) replacing Bluto, 165mm SRAM GX Crankset 0 offset ring replacing 170mm RaceFace Turbine (not pictured). 700mm carbon flat bar replacing 760mm alloy flat bar. 40mm stem replacing 70 mm stem. I changed out wheels and tires for what I had in the garage and dropped some weight. It's 25.5lb.

What's Worked and What didn't:

The fork, bar, and stem were great changes to the bike. The fork is a fairly short (480mm) axle to crown, so it lowered the front end significantly. The reduced head and seat angle didn't seem to have any negative impact. It actually looks like a natural fit.

The only issue is that 165mm cranks are as short as could be found for a PF121 shell. They are still a bit long for him as he seems to have better control and rides longer more comfortably on 152mm cranks that are on his trail bike. It's not a showstopper though, and overall it works well for him.

Dropouts are adjustable, so we will experiment with position to see if he likes either better.

Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Snow

I've found FB Marketplace is a good source to find some really great bikes at reasonable prices, this one was a NOS complete bike.
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My 7 year old granddaughter has been riding her Woom Off 4 for a few months now and loves it.

The bike right out of the box is very light and capable.
I set up the wheels tubeless which is the best upgrade I could of made. Moved over her Wellgo flat pedals and added carbon bars and silicon grips.
My granddaughter loves flowy single track and rides 5-8 miles a ride.

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At minimum, I usually change the seat and post, pedals and tires.

Pivotal Seats are amazing for dropping stand over height, this is my favorite for kids:

For smallish pedals the Straitline Amps are awesome:

Tires you can't go wrong with Rocket Rons, they offer tubeless versions them in 20x2.25 and 24x2.35.


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