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I ride bicycles sometimes
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Ill start:

Lifted forester does the trick!


According to this thread so far, 29er owners use:

Subaru: lllll lllll lllll l
Vw: lllll llll
Toyota: lllll llll
Honda: lllll llll
Chevy: lllll llll
Dodge: lllll l
Ford: lllll l
Nissan: lllll l
Audi: lllll
Bmw: lllll
Mazda: lllll
Mini: ll
Mitsubishi: ll
Volvo: ll
Jeep: ll
Acura: ll
Scion: ll
Porsche: l
Hundai: l
Jaguar: l
Kurbmaster: l
Motorcycle?: l
Bicycle?: l
Ferrari: l

nothing to see here
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go1d1e said:
Subarus rule :)

My Kona Unit fits nicely in the back of my Impreza wagon on a tarp without removing the wheels.:thumbsup:

I also have a towbar hitch for it, but I have to remove the front wheel otherwise it's too close to the ground.

My spoon is too big!
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This makes me miss my Forester, it was a great for carrying bikes. :(

You can see it here, behind my new bike hauler. I get better mileage now, but can only carry one bike.


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Singular said:
Can't believe there are no vans... Here's the Singular-mobile - VW LT35, 2.8L tdi, 158bhp, MWB, camper conversion still ongoing...

We don't get LTs over here in the states. Too bad. We don't even get any of the Transporters over here. I'm hoping they bring over the New Microbus (Bulli?) when they start building it. We only get a rebranded and slightly restyled Dodge Caravan relabeled as a VW.

Heya... didja notice I got one of your bikes hanging off the back of my car? Love that Swift. The Swift is like listening to John Coltrane. Its really cool at first, then you take a few more listens (rides) and it gets deeper and richer... more layers of personality.

representin' at Sea Otter this last weekend.... well, you don't want me representing.... I came in 37th out of 45 or so riders in SS class. :)


I ride bicycles sometimes
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Nice subies! I used to have a Astro Van i hauled some bikes in. Most convient hauler ever. Too bad the gas milage average was around 10.

Then i tried the A3 and well....

i wanted more utility outta my car and got the forester :)
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