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Jdub said:
Poop. Brought the skinny wheels today after riding the Yeti yesterday. Would much prefer some Ned action over Neva Rd. Oh well, maybe next time.
My bad - It was a last minute thing for me this am. I've been forced to work at a trade show for the last 3 days so I'm feeling a bit out of it. Next time indeed!

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who me?

icegeek said:
You calling a ride on Friday?
um, sure... (actually i'll need to check w/ the better half tonight in case i'm already supposed to be somewhere else friday ;)).
but if so, what time would work for you? maybe walker ranch (assuming you'd be coming from golden and me from boulder)?

i'm also looking to ride sunday (maybe GGCSP?) as well as monday afternoon:

{sorry for the hijack; can't make it on thurs debaser}
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