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BCT epic it is, Friday after Thanksgiving. Let's plan on spinning the pedals at 8 am sharp as it's a 4-hour ride.

See this thread from when we did this ride in October for tons of beta, directions, pics, etc:

Here's a quick set of directions and an excellent map of the route (thanks Su Ling!):

Trailhead Directions & Map of Route


For those of you who are first timers...Below are the directions to the trailhead and a photochopped hack map of the route we will be taking. I urge you to print it out if you can. It's pretty remote area and we don't want anyone getting lost. We'll stay together as a group. But if anyone cannot finish the route and needs to return or in case of separation, you have something to fall back on to get you back to the trailhead.

All this information is available on The Black Canyon Trail Coalitions website:

Table Mesa Road Trailhead

This is presently an undeveloped trailhead with limited parking. However there is ample parking within easy walking distance a short way up the side road. Trailhead signs are occasionally vandalized and removed, so it will be necessary to check your odometer and watch carefully for the side road to the right.
From Interstate 17: Take exit 236 (Table Mesa Rd), turn west then north on the frontage road, drive approximately 1.65 miles to the "Y" and bear left, drive approximately 1.38 miles and look for the side road on the right. Turn onto this road and the trailhead is immediately to the left.
GPS coordinates, using NAD27 datum:
N33º 59.076'
W112º 10.063'


1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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