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Jeebus! As of this second, the first 12 most recent threads are either about Mach6 or directly reference Mach6. This is causing dangerously high levels of Mach6 envy in this author and other non-Mach 6er's.

Post anything Pivot related, non-Mach 6!

Here is my bird, 2011 with Fox Float 180, Angleset -.5degree, Easton Haven Wheels/Bars/Stem, Formula The One brakes and a KS Lev.
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Anything Pivot related? My week in pictures...

I ate the breakfast before I picked up my buddy's Mach 5.7C in AZ while I was out there. Loaded it in my truck and drove home. Then I had the St Archers with dinner after I arrived. Next morning I drove his Porsche before he took the frame home. Unfortunately i didn't take a pic of the frame! Doh!

Killer Bird BTW!

Long Live the Gorn!
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Nectar of the Gods... (My other Vice)
Thats a Mach 3oz (Barista has incredible skills) ... me still a padawan..
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My 429C .. "Back Off You B...."
Ruthlessly Efficient!
Incredibly Fast!
Ridiculously Fun!
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My New SS Ti HardTail about to do a 45 Mile 8K Ft race in 2 weeks..its a little dirtier these days..
Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle wheel

The Dude from Costa Rica
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And Big Red that quite literally almost tagged me last summer...that beast was waist high on the berm..I rode right past him and he struck ... but missed
Soil Pebble Gravel
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