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Possibly moving to Va Beach area

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I might be moving from Dallas Texas to Va Beach. What are the trails like there? What are the best trails in the area? Thanks for any info.

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Ipswich in Chesapeake about 15 mins from Va Beach. Network of Singletrack trails

First landing state park. In Va Beach. Basically a in and out 6 mile fire road with great scenery and workout areas every couple of minutes (pull up bars, push up stations, etc...)

Freedom park, hardwood mills 45 minutes away located in Williamsburg and Yorktown. I hear freedom park is the best in the area. Haven't experienced it for myself yet because I am new to mountain biking. But will be going up there this weekend.

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As mentioned, not much real mountain biking close by. You'll need to drive a bit. VB itself is dead flat. First Landing State Park has some fun hiking trails, but the bike trail is really more of a gravel grinder than a proper mountain bike trail. And did I mention that's its dead flat. The roadbiking, OTOH, is pretty awesome, especially over the bridge on the Eastern Shore. It'd also be fun to have a fatbike there for the muddy trails in Great Dismal Swamp and beach combing at False Cape State Park. False Cape has some campsites that can only be accessed by kayak or hiking/biking.

The rest of Virginia has some [email protected] mountain biking, so by all means, plan to pack up and head west to the mountains once in a while.
Yup, train in town if you need to during the westward on the weekends. Williamsburg and Richmond are great for a variety of riding and we are truly lucky to have Freedom Park pretty close by. The tunnel traffic that direction is a mofo, so plan to leave early in the morning or be prepared for the consequences.
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