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I might be selling my Nomad. Version 1. It has a new CC DB Ti, Marz 55 TST,ETA( along with and RC#3 Cart. Hope M4 Brakes203mmF, 180mmB also new and a New Maverick Speedball with New Remote.
Due to a back injury and surgery which will happen soon I was wandering what this bike might sell for. I don't have pics yet but the bike is in great shape. Yes it has some skuffs and a couple scratches. This bike is in - GREAT -working order Bearings were replace 4 months ago and the guys over at Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin Tx have taken care of servicing it. Like a lot of you I spent a bunch of money on this bike. I would like a sugg. for a Fair Price.

The Bike has been ridden on trail about one third of its life the rest road. Transp. to and from work.
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