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Just flaming this kid for his overly clean bike. :madmax:
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I like how he refers to it as a "cross country rocket."

All those accessories make it go faster apparently!:rolleyes:
oh, and don't forget this one either:
O god.... I had a specialized m4 bike like that... Why does he love it? Cus it looks good? It's a crappy bike that I would never race.
So, there's only one video of this guy actually riding... poorly... while holding a camera in his right hand, with his left hand on the bars. I wish he would have had to stop quickly... front brake only. I know when I think of an XC rocket, I think of Ergons and platforms.... and lights and fenders and pumps and blah blah blah.
pop_martian said:
oh, and don't forget this one either:
That's hilarious right there, I don't care who you are. Money doesn't buy talent, that's for sure.
Dirt Bringer said:
lol. Why are we even posting about this?
to celebrate our inner bike geekiness?
Poseur? No... "Fred"? Yes! Right or wrong, the guy likes to ride a bike so you gotta give him some credit.
He also likes to show off inferior skills. =poser
nachomc said:
I'm gonna start riding in full camo
I used to ride in full camo... when I was 10.
Well maybe if he could actually ride right? Then it might look slightly cool even. Now it looks...pathetic at best.
That was some sick gnar gnar.

I always thought it was a great idea to ride in camo. that way when you fly off the cliff and are laying at the bottom all broken up and can't move, the rescue team will never be able to see you in the foliage.
To be honest, that video reminds me of someone on this forum who pretends to be a DHer and posts these lame videos of him bunny hopping his DH rig.

Cut the guy a break, for at least two reasons:
1. He is RIDING his bike, not on the web dissing someone
2. We all started somewhere, right? I doubt any one posting here picked up a bike and became an instant pro...

The only thing, if any of you do decide to hunt the guy down and harass him, at least explain the benefit of a helmet.

1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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